Lead Teams

Level 3

  • Increase Volunteer Numbers

    Building a team will automatically raise the lid on your leadership and increase your impact on the world. Learn to strategically design your team for maximum impact.

  • Increase Listening to Inspire Action

    Increase your ability to be heard by sharpening your skills to hear. Tuning your ears to hear with detail will allow you to align your team members and increase their satisfaction of your leadership. Most of all, inspire them to move forward as a team.

  • Lead With Your Strengths

    Increase your overall effectiveness by learning how to lead from your strengths. This will allow your team members to operate in their strengths while letting you focus on the things only you can do.

Purchase Options

Purchase the digital course alone, or the entire package which includes the required books "StrengthsFinder 2.0" and "Masterplan of Evangelism" along with the two workbooks.

Stages of the Journey

Learning to Lead Teams More Effectively

  • 1
    • Overview of Lead Teams Lessons
    • Momentum Level 3 Workbook
  • 2
    Stage 1: Inspirational and Recruiting Volunteers
    • Character Trait Overview: Inspirational
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Being Inspirational
    • Teaching on Being Inspirational
    • The Challenge for Being Inspirational
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Recruiting Volunteers
    • Volunteer Recruiting Training
    • Experience Volunteer Recruitment
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 3
    Stage 2: Intelligent and Aligning People
    • Character Trait Overview: Intelligence
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Intelligence
    • Teaching on Intelligence
    • Challenge for Independence
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Aligning People
    • Aligning People Training
    • Experience Aligning People
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 4
    Stage 3: Fair-Minded and Team Building
    • Character Trait Overview
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Fair-Minded
    • Teaching on Fair-Minded
    • Challenge for Fair-Minded
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Team Building
    • Team Building Training
    • Experience Team Building
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 5
    Stage 4: Competent and Lead With Strengths
    • Character Trait Overview: Competent
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Competent
    • Teaching on Competent
    • Challenge for Competent
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Lead With Strengths
    • Lead With Strengths Training
    • Experience Lead With Strengths
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 6
    Stage 5: Integrity and Building Morale
    • Character Trait Overview: Integrity
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Integrity
    • Teaching on Integrity
    • Challenge for Integrity
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Building Morale
    • Building Morale Training
    • Experience Building Morale
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 7
    Next steps
    • Additional Resources
    • I want your insight...