Lead Others

Level 2

  • Discover Yourself

    A deeper relationship with Jesus Christ becomes a journey of discovery of who he has designed you to be. By discovering yourself, you come closer to living a fulfilling, satisfying, and adventurous life.

  • Self-Confidence

    As you explore and develop the character traits and leadership skills you will find yourself increasing in confidence. You will begin to see yourself the way God does, which is empowering and liberating.

  • Increased Influence

    By increasing your self-confidence you will gain greater influence with others. Confidence draws people to naturally follow you, which allows you to serve them more effectively.

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Stages of the Journey

Learning to Lead Others More Effectively

  • 1
    • Overview of Lead Others Lessons
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  • 2
    Communicator and Personal Communication
    • Character Trait Overview: Communicator
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Communicator
    • Teaching on Communicator
    • The Challenge for Communicator
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Personal Communication
    • Personal Communication Training
    • Experience Personal Communication
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 3
    Cooperative and Dealing With Conflict
    • Character Trait Overview: Cooperative
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Cooperative
    • Teaching on Cooperative
    • Challenge for Cooperative
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Dealing With Conflict
    • Dealing With Conflict Training
    • Experience Dealing With Conflict
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 4
    Self-Controlled and Personal Resources
    • Character Trait Overview: Self-Controlled
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Self Control
    • Teaching on Self Control
    • Challenge for Self-Control
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Manage Resources
    • Manage Resources Training
    • Experience Managing Resources
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 5
    Cares and Proving Soul Care
    • Character Trait Overview: Cares
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Caring
    • Teaching on Caring
    • Challenge for Giving Soul Care
    • Leadership Skill Overview: Giving Soul Care
    • Giving Soul Care Training
    • Experience Giving Soul Care
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 6
    Courageous and Resolving Conflict
    • Character Trait Overview: Courageous
    • Memory Verse
    • Study Verse
    • Quote on Courage
    • Teaching on Courage
    • Challenge for Courage
    • Leadership Skill Overiew
    • Resolving Conflict Training
    • Experience Resolving Conflict
    • Time to Evaluate
    • Next Step
  • 7
    Next steps
    • Additional Resources
    • I want your insight...